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I have the real experience gained in years of international management to help you literally explode the potential of your hospitality businesses, with my Holistic Hospitality™ method

We will help you solve your operational, branding and management problems and unleash the full potential of your business/property in an effective and cost-effective way. We know the hospitality industry perfectly, having managed and relaunched all kinds of businesses and properties, from the resort on the Amalfi Coast, to the hostel in Sydney, from the luxury villas of Capri to the historic castles in Chianti in Tuscany.

Boost your brand and maximize your ADR, Occupancy and Revenue.

Dear Hospitality Operator

Imagine what it would be like to see profits increase exponentially and lastingly, have more customers and multiply the efficiency and productivity of work, increase the perceived value of your property and therefore the overall return. All this without becoming a slave to work, but having the time to really enjoy the results achieved. As a successful hospitality and business consultant I tell you: it is possible!

I’m not here to sell a dream or proclaim to be the answer to all your business problems, but I do understand the challenges of doing business in the hospitality sector and particularly during this historical period. Together with my expert team of hospitality consulting professionals, we are able to provide a 360 degree consulting service that will provide innovative, effective and enduring hospitality solutions to your operational and commercial challenges.

The results we have attained to date reflect our level of expertise and professionalism. I have over 20 years of experience in international tourism and hospitality management, and have successfully empowered hotel and business managers to take their managerial performance to the next level. We take care of every aspect of the business in a personalised, results-driven way: from the interior design of hotels, to marketing and messaging, asset and property management, staff training and retention.

The particular method of consultancy we are talking about is: The Holistic Hospitality Method, a process of economic growth and targeted consultancy to develop a concept that is unique, sustainable and profitable.

Sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, we’re so confident we can help you that we’ll even guarantee results – if we don’t reach our KPI’s you stop paying us until we do! No other agency will dare do this as they’d have to fire all their staff and quickly go out of business! In fact, go ahead and ask one if they’ll guarantee results and watch them squirm.

My team and I are ready to work with you.

My Holistic Hospitality Method

The hospitality business is comparable to a living body, made up of interdependent organs. The functioning of each organ is essential for the functioning of the whole organism. When some element of the body no longer works as it should, the entire system suffers, you have less energy and are less attractive. A good doctor is able to diagnose the problem efficiently, quickly, and treat the causes of the problem and not the symptoms taking into account all internal and external factors with a holistic approach. This is exactly our method.


Business Check

We ask you for all the information regarding your business, from development to date, what you think are your strengths and weaknesses, and what your goals are. If necessary, we visit your facility (s) as a mystery guest to see where problems actually arise, the level of service offered and what can be improved.

360 Competitor


The market is by nature scarce and never as in this period demand is at its lowest level. With this in mind, we analyze your competitors so that we can hit them in their weakest points and differentiate ourselves in a winning way


Revenue Audit

We analyze your selling rates, your product and how you position yourself in the market so that you can optimize this mix to the maximum. Revenue management is an art and a science, and we are a bit scientists and a bit artists.

Staff engagement

& Motivation

Every successful hospitality business is based on people who have great professionalism and motivation. The staff is the key to success, it is the face of your business in the world of hospitality. Training and Motivating your staff is the basis for excellent performance. We will help you select, train and motivate your staff.



Perception is reality, today more than ever. How do your guests and customers perceive you? Are you losing market share to your competitors? We study the positioning of your brand and then take action to enhance it


Growth Roadmap

After analyzing your business, studying your competition, the brand, the level of service offered and the corporate culture, we will be able to give you a personalized and tailored plan based on the achievement of your goals that will increase your turnover and steal market share from your competitors globally.

We help hospitality businesses to get more clients by increasing their sales, exposure and service

We have entered a new era, companies operating in the hospitality sector must reinvent themselves to remain competitive and survive. We understand your business and the current struggles.

We will help to create a memorable culture in your company, teaching you and your team to do business differently from your competitors, delivering unique selling proposition, extraordinary service and creating a powerful offer that will address customers needs, wants and expectations, exceeding them.

About Marco Cocurullo

Marco Cocurullo is a successful entrepreneur and expert consultant in the business and hospitality world. With an extensive service offering and experience in all facets of the hotel, tourism and hospitality sectors across multiple continents including Australia and Europe, Marco has transformed many underperforming properties into successful award winning operations.

In Italy, he successfully implemented a business model that saw an annual hotel turnover exceed €1,5 million quadrupling revenue in just over 4 years, while simultaneously expanding operations into the holiday rental business at a critical transformation point in tourism, acquiring and managing over 100 high-end villas on Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi coasts.

Yes! I want a $1,000 custom marketing strategy for my business, for FREE!

Here’s how it works. First, my team and I examine your business, analyze your competitors and your target market, your sales processes and your goals together with you. So based on what you tell us, we develop a custom strategy … for free. 

Everything we discuss is tailored to your business, after we’ve had a chance to ask about your sales process, sales goals, and branding strategy. There is no cost for this and there is no constraint.

We do this because many people who experience this process are so impressed and happy that they then ask to become customers. 

We usually charge $ 1,000 for this kind of comprehensive business planning and analysis, but we decided to do it for free. You will speak to one of our highly trained strategists who will come up with a bespoke plan for your business to maximize leads and sales.There is no obligation to use any of our services.
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ATTENTION: Before requesting your free strategy session, I wish to inform you that this offer is not for all. It is specifically targeted to hospitality professionals who are serious about increasing their long-term profits, improving their client base, and multiplying efficiency and productivity of their facilities. It is for those who are seeking advice and willing to invest in their overall business success. My team and I offer the know how and the skills to direct your business, but to really scale your sales figures, we need your active participation. If you are not ready for this, I ask you not to waste our time nor yours.  If you are ready to invest your time and learn some key operational insights that will pay off and skyrocket your profits, then book a FREE strategy session today.

We only have a limited number of places available for these complimentary sessions each month, so if you are serious then please take this opportunity and book now!  Here’s how not to miss this opportunity: complete the application by clicking on the button below. Don’t worry, your privacy is important to us. In order to set up a professional strategy session, we only need to know how your business is structured, what and to whom you are selling, and have an idea of how you would like to make your business more efficient. I am 100% confident that my team of hospitality consultants can multiply your profits, differentiate you from your competitors and transform your business into a virtuous structure that sets you apart and enables you to independently manage your outputs . Click below and schedule your call today. 

Marco Cocurullo
International Business & Hospitality Consultant
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