Social Media Strategy

There was no way of predicting the effect of social media on the hospitality industry in 1991. Currently, social media has 2.3 billion users, and this figure is growing every day. Companies can no longer argue whether or not to have a social media presence, but rather how to use the different channels to improve the guest experience and the reputation of their hotels.

We execute our social media strategy as a privately-owned hotel construction and hospitality management business, following both the hotel brands’ present position and anecdotal evidence on what makes social media effective in the hospitality industry. Investigating emerging social media trends, identifying new platform features, and staying engaged with the evolving guest/client market and sought after traveller experience after the first steps towards capturing your target market and gaining a strong social media presence.

Since most hotels rely on word of mouth and positive feedback from repeat customers, social media is a natural marketing and branding tool. Social media use has grown in popularity, and travellers today often use it to share the delight or dissatisfaction of their travel experiences. Leaders in the hospitality industry cannot disregard the effect of the social media model on their companies, whether used deliberately or accidentally.

We Consistently Turn Advertising into Profit

We are a return-on-investment (ROI) and performance-driven consultancy that can transform €1 into €3 by directing high-quality traffic to your website. The following are some of our most well-known services.

We use both paid and organic traffic sources to deliver a steady stream of highly qualified customers in “hunt mode” to your site.

We use proprietary strategies to help our clients double or even triple the number of visitors who convert to customers.
Visitors who do not convert will be retargeted with relevant and convincing advertisements to track them online.
We help you establish an automated system that nurtures your leads for you, allowing your site to function as an effective sales machine.

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