Staff Motivation/ Talent Management

In hospitality, your staff are the face of the hotel. As a personal coach and together with my team of consultants, we are able to help you develop solutions and raise overall awareness on how to attract, train, develop, and retain passionate, competent, and accountable employees, finding ways to keep them engaged and motivated.

I believe that bringing the team to a higher level of awareness and optimum efficiency is the dream of all those in charge of a workgroup. Even those with extensive technical knowledge and a deep commitment to the business financials and operations may have significant limitations in communicating efficiently with their team.

In the workplace, coaching helps you unlock personal and business paths to improve relational behaviours and, as a result, overall performance. It is very simple, if people are happier, the work environment improves, consumers feel the synergy, and the business expands.

I aim to provide my clients with the tools needed to initiate an AWARENESS PROCESS that allows them to tap into their team’s hidden potential.

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